Woad and a Furnace (working title) is a short film + VR experience, testing the boundaries of hybrid animation between stop motion, CG, and real time experiences.
There are two outcomes to this project. A short film, and a VR (and AR)  experience, where audiences will be able to explore the sets of this film. 
Since this is a stop motion CG hybrid, it will be as if you have been shrunk down to the size of the stop motion puppets, and are now looking around their world. It will be an interesting story telling opportunity, as well as a way to explain how aspects of the film were done. We envisage events where audiences will be able to experience both, and have the opportunity to network as well.
The film itself tells a story of a human and their gang of foxes, in an idyllic forest, beset upon by semi organic machines out to destroy their home. The film has been tailored to show off the pipeline, with large sets and many characters that would otherwise be a huge undertaking for stop motion. There are longer shots than you might see in stop motion too. The story itself has received feedback from several industry professionals, to create a charming and neat package to entertain audiences, as well as showcase ourselves.
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