Post Mortem is my graduate film, released 2018. 
Virtually the entire 5 minutes were by myself, and the music is by Luke P. Priest. 
 I started in around October '17 and finished April '18. 
I modelled every asset within Maya and most were textured in photoshop, I did use mudbox briefly for the rabbit. The floors and other dirt textures were made from photos taken by me. I created normals from those photos which is evident particularly in the darker scenes. 
I also rigged in Maya, initially using Rapid Rig and building upon that manually - eg for additional cloth and face controls on Death. 
A lot of the final images are direct from Maya and Arnold with fairly minimal post. The dust present in every scene is using a volume for the environment in Arnold, it then has a tileable cloud texture plugged into the density. 
The little post I did, was done in After Effects. This was mainly a few changes in colour, as well as fixing a few clipping issues (Whoops!). 
It was included in the audience selection of the British Animation Awards as well as many other festivals.

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