Graphics Consultant

Please contact me if you wish to see the film and I shall send you a private link.


Post Mortem is a film idea I have had for a long time and finally brought to fruition in third year, beginning production in September of 2017 and finishing May 2018. It had its first private screening at the UWE Degree show.


For me, it was the first film where I wasn't making narrative decisions based on my technical ability, story and visual development came first every time, and I had to figure out a way to make that a reality.


I have some ideas about any meaning that the film may hold, but I'm happier for people to place their own interpretation on it.


Everything from story to final composition was done by me in the 9 months I worked on it. I used maya, and most of Adobe's suite.


Rendered with Arnold and Deadline. It took 40 days of cumulative rendering. It was rendered at 1.85 Aspect ratio. I worked particularly hard on the rendering of the dust.


I would like to thank Libby Bass for her indispensable technical and breakdown support.


Luis Cook for his supervision, ideas, feedback and vague encouragement.


Sabrina Marengo for her constant feedback and ability to motivate.


Luke P Priest, for making music, that without the film would have had half the impact.


I'd also like to thank my family and girlfriend for their constant support.



James Todd 2019